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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico is a great option when it comes to affordable, yet high-quality weight loss surgery. At Freedom Bariatrics, our highly specialized and trusted team can help transform your life. The staff and surgeons speak English and will take care of you throughout your stay.

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Start your life and take advantage of gastric sleeve package starting at $4,440!

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What Freedom Bariatrics Offers

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Customized Packages

Instead of promising "All-Inclusive Packages", at Freedom Bariatrics, we give you complete freedom and transparency so that you only pay for what you need.

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Top-Rated Gastric Sleeve

Freedom Bariatrics has more that 10 years of experience providing gastric sleeve surgery in the Medical Tourism and Weight Loss Surgery Industry.​

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Optimized Patient Process

To lower your price, we have completely optimized the patient process. This not only saves you money but also avoids any lapse in coordination.

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Flexible and Transparent

We are pioneers in a practice, where your package is completely customized and personalized according to your desires and needs. Easily accessible and effortlessly changeable services.​

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Our services include

Instead of offering “All-Inclusive” packages, at Freedom Bariatrics we give you absolute transparency and complete freedom to only pay for what you need. This lowers your price but maintains a high quality surgery which includes;

Fee for service

Fee-for-service (FFS) packages are the optional add-ons paid separately. “A la carte” packages allow you to save money and only pay for the services you need.

Additional ServicesPrice
Bring a Companion $395
Pre-op and Post-op Nutritional Support$195
Additional Hotel + Doctor Visit*$195
Tour of Tijuana, Mexico$125
Bariatric Vitamins*$199

Frequently asked questions

Freedom Bariatrics is the first to offer Personalized Packages to fit almost any budget. Don’t pay for what you don’t need! Free Evaluation, Custom Built Packages, Free Yourself from Obesity!*

Gastric Sleeve surgery is growing as the most predominant weight loss procedure in the world. The vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) extracts 85% of the stomach where a majority of the hunger hormones remain. The new stomach holds roughly 6 ounces of food.

Patients seek gastric sleeve surgery because there are no changes to anatomy. This eliminates the risk while having a significant amount of health benefits. Arthritis, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, GERD, and high cholesterol are the primary health benefits of the gastric sleeve.

Many patients can expect rapid reduction of weight starting immediately after sleeve surgery. Although every person is different, our patients on average have seen 68% Excess Weight Loss (% EWL) after one year, and 72% after 18 months. This makes vertical sleeve gastrectomy highly effective and successful weight loss surgery.

You will be in Mexico a total of 3 to 5 days depending on your gastric sleeve package. After you fill out the Health Questionnaire and get approved, you can choose any features you want included in your package and get a finalized quote.

  1. Start Health Application: Filling out the Health Questionnaire will take you roughly ten minutes. Once you complete the form online and submit it, we receive an electronic copy to review.
  2. Choose Your Package: ​​Once the doctor reviews your health history form, they will send an ”Approval” notice to your coordinator, the coordinator will then call, text, or email you the decision of the doctor along with any recommendations the doctor(s) may make.​
  3. Pick a Surgery Date and Place Your Deposit: A deposit is needed to secure your date. The deposit is taken off of the total surgery cost.​


Freedom Bariatrics has more that 10 years of experience in the Medical Tourism and Weight Loss Surgery Industry.

top-Rated Surgeons

Our surgeons have performed thousands of weight loss surgeries. They understands the demands and specifications involved of each patient.


When choosing a weight loss surgery center in Mexico, it is not just about the price, but also safety and reputation.

Know every detail you are paying for!

Customize your surgery package






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