Medical Tourism Insurance

Medical Tourism Insurance - Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Medical tourism insurance offers patients traveling abroad an extra layer of protection in the event of something going wrong during your travel or surgical procedure.

Complications do happen. Not often, but they do happen. Just like car insurance, medical tourism insurance is costly, but it is worth it when you need it.

What is Medical Tourism Insurance?

International Medical Travel Insurance is for individuals who want additional security while seeking medical services outside of their home country. Regardless if it’s elective or essential, having medical tourism insurance is a safety net that can guarantee coverage regardless of his/her health or age.

Insurance companies offer different types of plans to the customers based on the type of coverage and benefits required. The plans are:

  1. Trip Cancellation Insurance
    Insurance that provides coverage for non-refundable prepaid expenses. These expenses can be trip cancellation or other cancellations
  2. Healthcare Coverage
    Having insurance can apply coverage to illness that occurs unrelated to the medical treatment you are traveling abroad for.
  3. International Accredited Hospitals and Clinics Insurance
    Insurance coverage for accidents in international accredited hospitals.
  4. Travel Companion Insurance
    Basically insurance that provides medical benefits to the person that accompanies the patient.
  5. Medical Evacuation Insurance
    This insurance covers the transportation cost to your medical facilities as well as your family or friends.
  6. Medical Complication Insurance
    This insurance is used to cover any accidents or unexpected events that occurred during your trip. This can be additional surgeries, medical costs, longer recovery, unexpected payments, and accidents.

How Does Medical Tourism Insurance Work?

Medical tourism insurance works by offering the following benefits for individuals who undergo weight loss surgery, or any other medical procedure, include;

  • Medical coverage is available for all ages and can be adjusted to customer’s needs
  • Most policies let the patients choose between international or national accredited clinics or hospitals
  • The patient procedures are covered

What Does Medical Tourism Insurance Cover?

Medical Tourism Insurance coverage is dependent on how much you are will to spend. Oftentimes, there are limits set to cover a maximum number of dollars.

Medical Tourism Insurance covers

  • Coverage for medical costs and expenses in the event of a complication arising as a direct result of your surgical procedure.
  • Coverage of trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances like travel restrictions.
  • Coverage for circumstances that require evacuating to another medical facility.
  • Coverage for unforeseen healthcare costs that arise during your medical procedure
  • Coverage for flight accidents during travel; delays, missed flights, lost luggage, etc.

Medical Tourism Insurance Providers

Patients often don’t think it will happen to them, but. You may not think you need it, but once you have it, you feel secure.

The medical tourism insurance provider that we work with and recommend is Global Protective Solutions. They are a top insurance company that specializes in the medical tourism industry, who has worked with many of our patients.

Although Medical Tourism Insurance is not required, it is highly recommended. Especially during these special times of the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing is certain. This is a security blanket so that you don’t have to worry about getting stuck any bills that occur during your travels and your surgery procedure.

Cost Of International Medical Tourism Insurance

The cost for medical tourism insurance depends on many factors such as travel expenses, medical procedures, where one lives, whom they bring along, their age, and many more.

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