Best Financing for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Financing Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico - Bariatric Surgery Financing Options

Freedom Bariatrics is able to assist you in financing your weight loss surgery in Mexico. Do not let the lack of funds or insurance coverage stop you from undergoing bariatric surgery.

Investing in your health is the best investment you can make!

We partner with many financing providers that are dedicated to medical tourism.

Financing Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

  1. United Medical Credit
  2. eFinancing
  3. Medicard (Canadian Option)

Medicard has been offering finance programs to Canadians since 1996.

NOTE: Some Canadian provinces will refund some costs of weight loss surgery in Mexico (done outside Canada).

Best Payment & Financing Options for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

We can help you connect with companies who lend money to people for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Even if they have been turned down by insurance or lack the capital required. Below are some of the best payment options:


Freedom Bariatrics offers a very flexible layaway payment plan. A small deposit of $500 for weight loss. Payment can be set up with your coordinator to give you enough time to have your balance paid in full by the time your surgery date arrives.

We allow our patients to book two years in advance to provide enough time to be able to make payments affordable for them.


Bariatric surgery in Mexico financing options is quite similar to financing a car. The medical financial service companies cover the costs of your surgery upfront; following successful surgery, you begin a financing plan in order to repay the loan.

Typically the cost for weight loss surgery in Mexico is due to be paid back in monthly payments, you will begin repayment of the loan with the principal (loan amount) and interest (cost of funds). The principal of the loan will be made up of all the costs (hospital and bariatric surgeon fees, airfare, etc.) loaned to you for your Mexico weight loss procedure.

The interest of the loan will be money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of the money lent. The interest rate will depend on your financial standing (credit history, current income, etc.), the length of the loan term, and the amount of money needed.


Secured loans are simple. Most banks will allow you to use your home, car, or other properties to obtain a secured loan to help pay for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Simply call your bank and ask them for information about secured loans for medical purposes.

All banks have slightly different terms. You may have to ask more than just one lending institution to find the best one for you.

An unsecured medical loan through one of our preferred direct lenders.

Please call any of our lenders for questions to begin the application process for an unsecured medical loan. They will be helping you throughout the process.


There are retirement plans that offer medical loans. If you’re unsure what your plan offers, be sure to call your human resources department and ask if they cover essential bariatric surgery in Mexico. Your plan liaison will have the information regarding whether or not this is a possibility and what the process is to apply for this loan.


For retirement plan loans, some life insurance plans offer loans against equity. Call your insurance company and ask if this is available to you.


Your human resources liaison or banking associate will be able to give you the information on your plans to see if you’re able to use those funds to pay for your bariatric surgery in Mexico. Give them a call and see what options are available to you.


Medicard has been offering weight loss procedure financing options to Canadians since 1996. In the beginning, the goal was to be the main financial options that Canadians would think of when in need of a medical, dental, or veterinary procedure or product. Medicard is can be your solution to finding information or financing a procedure or product.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico can change your quality of life: decrease your risk of heart attack, decrease your risk of stroke, decrease the risk of other diseases, and more.